Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Randomness

  • I can't remember if I mentioned it before or not, but both Bobby and Graham have been able to feel the baby move! Bobby felt him move for the first time last week and then yesterday was Graham's first time! I was hesitant to let him feel him at first. I know that if something were to happen to this baby like what happened to Caroline Graham would be crushed because I'd let him get too emotionally close. I guess in a good way and a bad way, I was the only one to feel Caroline move.

  • Bobby is getting done a crazy amount of odd-ball chores done around the house today! (One of these chores included trying to sell to unframed mirrors that we pulled out of a couple of bathrooms and selling them on Craigslist!)

Can you see where I changed out the title at the top of the page? It says "Makes Hillary Happy List". HA!

  • I got a new little point and shoot camera for Mothers Day earlier this month. I am sending Bobby by Walmart later today to get groceries and exchange the camera for a different color and then I'll be back in picture-taking business! I somehow managed to loose/misplace my old camera so now I am on hold on documenting family life. (Here is the camera by the way! Bobby decided to open the box for me before leaving for the store and discovered that the camera was purple and that was good for me so no returning!)

    Along with the new camera shot you also get a 21 week belly picture of me and Baby!
  • Because of my lack of camera right now, I didn't post exactly what I wanted to post yesterday. Grady went on a total "I'm a 3 year old with a mischievous mind" rampage and dumped an entirely full 3 pound bag of animal crackers onto the living room rug. I wanted to take a picture of the mess (because despite the headache it was to clean it up it was still pretty funny to look at) but couldn't because of the lack of camera. He also in the last couple of days has managed to empty yet another full bottle of baby wash into an empty bathtub and entire container of bath salts. Are you noticing a pattern?? :) Are you also asking yourself why I haven't noticed a pattern and started putting everything up higher?? :)

  • I forgot to post yesterday that at my OB appointment, I asked the doctor about how delivery would go with this baby. I know that I'll have another scheduled C-Section but I don't want it to be anything unplanned if we can help it. It's pretty hard to leave our 2 guys and head off to the hospital for 4 days even when planning is involved. I can't imagine what would happen if we had to leave for the hospital in the middle of the night. I also want to avoid getting stuck with whatever doctor was on call at the time. It would be just my luck that I would get stuck with The Robot Doctor and then be hating everything that had to do with the delivery. My OB ended up reassuring me that it would probably be the specialist that called this pregnancy to an end. She said that there would eventually come a day when my cervix would be paper-thin and unable to continue for much longer and then they would set me up for delivery. My regular doctor said that she would not/could not perform a scheduled C-Section before 38 weeks because of under-developed lungs. If the baby came sooner on its own or the specialist  "called it" then she would of course. It makes sense to me. I wouldn't want that on my record either.

  • Sweet Bobby just got back from the grocery store for me (Whoo-Hoo!) and only had to call 6 times! I could not be more proud! :)

  • We are letting the boys play outside tonight with a bunch of different water toys! I can't wait to post about our water fun tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

i always was a stress case when chris went to the grocery for me while i was on bed i labled everything in the sections in the store to the list..hahaha..i had a lot of time on my hands!

so excited that sweet baby is sharing his kicks with others :)

Recipe for a baby said...

It's so nice you get to share the movement of your little guy. It must be a man thing, because BJ always calls me from the supermarket too :)

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I think that is so nice that Graham got to feel his little brother!! I bet he thought it was very neat!! I love your list!! That baby bump is looking cute!!

New Year Mum said...

Great that they can feel your bub moving and love your new camera :)) xoxo

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