Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 21 ~ Drs. Appointment

Yesterday morning I had my 21 week doctor's appointment. This time it was just with my regular OB, Dr. W. It's so weird, but I was soo glad to have the MOST boring doctor's appointment ever! :) I thought that I would have an ultrasound this time (it was on their schedule) but Dr. W. said that since I had just had one two days ago at the other doctor she didn't feel like it was terribly necessary. At the time I thought that it would be fine (I was super hungry to get some lunch!) but then later on yesterday I started to think that if I don't have one at my regular OB's office then I won't be able to get an actual disc with the baby moving. I do have a ton of still ultrasound pictures, but it's just not the same! I think that when I go back I'll ask for one just for that purpose!

Speaking of going back, I don't have to show my face in that office for another 4 weeks! YIPEE! She said that as long as I stay asymptomatic then there should be no worries. I will still get my regular 2 week cervical checkups from the specialist just to make sure though. Dr. W. said yesterday that she had read all the reports from the specialist from a couple of days ago and filled me in a little bit more on whats going on with Baby M. I love how I hear things from my regular OB that happened at the specialist and vice versa that the other doctor never tells me. Dr. W. said that the other day at the specialist the baby was in the 67 percentile for growth (never heard that mentioned before) and that in my situation we needed the baby to get as big as possible. I forgot to ask how to plump up a baby in utero but I'm guessing all she'll say is "stay healthy, get lots of rest, eat well balanced meals". :) I did remember to ask however, that in her experience and with what and how my body is reacting to what all has been going on, how far did she think that I would make it. Her answer was 32- 36 weeks. She then followed up with, "Lets just get to 24 weeks, then get to 28 weeks, then 32 weeks...)

Dr. W. followed all this up with a gentle reminder to take things very easy, get lots of rest, no chores (YIPPEE AGAIN), and she had better not catch me out at Sam's shopping! :)

I think that pretty much sums up the visit! If I can think of any other details I'll update this post again (mostly for my records of whats going on in my life these days!).

Hopefully this weekend I'll get some great pictures of the boys to post. We are all looking forward to a long 3 day weekend (if Bobby doesn't head out to the deer lease on Sunday...and Honey if you are reading this at lunchtime at work we need to talk about this again when you get home... love you!).


Jayme said...

Sounds like good news! Just keep that baby baking.

New Year Mum said...

Sorry about my slow commenting... MIA and not been at my computer much :( Great that you had a 'boring' and uneventful appt... those are always the best sort of appts. Thank you for all your gorgeous comments... I've been getting them on my phone but not able to get onto Blogger via my phone :( I think of you and bub often... and hope you get to 32-36 weeks. Sounds like you're in good hands and they feel happy about how you're going. Get plenty of rest and great that you're still off chores-duty :)) Love to you always xoxo

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'm glad you had a good appointment. I would definitely ask for a disc with baby's movements. I'm not sure if my doctor does that. I know that my regular OBGYN allows for us to film and our high risk doctor won't let us in with a camera. I think that if they don't make one I might go to one of those 3d places to just have one made later on. Congrats on switching to the 4 wk appointments and no chores!!!

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