Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost 21 Weeks And Still Lookin' Good!

This morning was my appointment with the specialist Dr. M. Things could not have gone better (except to maybe have my pesky cervix back to the condition that it used to be...)!  The baby is measuring great and is estimated to weigh almost a pound now! I can not believe that 2 weeks ago he was 8 ounces (which strangely seemed huge to me then) and now he is 14 ounces! Holy moly! I had no idea that his weight would nearly double. The fluid around him looked good too. I was a little worried about this as I had been feeling extra "trickle-y" the past couple of days.

All of his growth measurements were either right on track or above. His leg bones were measuring over a week bigger! I know that these numbers vary depending on who is measuring you and what week they are doing it in, but I think God knew that this time I was needed extra reassurance. Boy did he ever provide! My cervix is measuring around 2.08 cm in length right now which is where it was at 2 weeks ago when the noticed the problem. Hopefully the past two weeks of laying around gave it the extra umpf to keep on going. The nurse did say at the office today that when I had gone in for the surgery the doctor had already found me to be 1 cm dilated while doing the cerclage. I still thank God every single day that they discovered the problem when they did or else I'd be writing an entirely different post today! God is Great!

The funny thing this time I noticed with the ultrasound tech is that I guess the farther along you get the more they think us Mommas are just used to all of this. I only got 2 pictures this time! :) Maybe they think that the fun has worn off of looking at 10 different little black and white pictures of our kids, but not me! Also this time when I asked her for a picture of my cervix so I could post it and then also to show Bobby (he couldn't make it today :( ) she said that she really couldn't give me any more pictures of that "area". She said that after I had asked last time 4 weeks ago she mentioned my request to other co-workers in the office and they had told her that she shouldn't give it to me. So weird right? Maybe because its part of a "procedure" and not just a cute baby picture? I think that's total crap though. If she can use that wand thingy every time (and not even buy me dinner afterwards :) ) then I can have a picture of my own insides. Right??

Oh well, so here are the newest pictures of our little prince!

Oh I can't wait to meet my handsome little boy! We love and adore him soo much already!


Jayme said...

Yay, great news :)

Stay in there, little guy! Grow big and strong

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'm so glad everything went great! Your little man looks so cute :) Sorry she couldn't give you a picture of your cervix :(


ccc said...

Great face shot of your little man! So glad that only good news came out of your appt.

Thinking of you, as always!

tristan said...

he is so precious!!!!
still praying :)

Sarah said...

Good job growing that little man!

Bumpy Journey said...

I am so glad that everything is going well!!! I would just ask your Dr. about US of the cervix- they should be fine with that! My MFM gave me pictures of my funneling cervix before AND after the cerclage! :) If all else fails, just request copies of your chart- they have to include everything including copies of US pics.

Anyhoo- I am SO glad you are doing okay! Thank goodness they caught this.<3

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