Sunday, May 29, 2011

Staying Cool!

I can not believe just how hot it is here in Texas already! I'm not so sure why this surprises me. I've lived here all my life and have grown up with it always being hot. Sometimes even the winters here are HOT! So far this summer (or soon to be!), Bobby and I have been on a mission to keep our kids cool, entertained, and to take care of our poor grass. We are already on Stage 1 water restrictions and heading quickly towards Stage 2 so we can't use our sprinkler system except for 1 day a week. We are however still allowed to hand-water any day we choose to so Bobby and I decided that some sprinkler fun is a great way to let the kiddos play and water the grass at the same time!

Grady has finally reached that super-fun stage of not liking his picture taken anymore. This is probably my fault because all he hears all day long now is "say Cheese Grady!". He actually told me yesterday, "I no like it." He either wouldn't look at me or wouldn't smile for the camera. Ah well....

Graham was much more cooperative when it came time to smile for Momma. I think he knows now that its just better to smile quickly for me so he can run off to play! Smart boy!

When I was at Toys R' Us a couple of weeks ago I found the funnest new water sprinkler toy! It inflates and squirts water out while spinning. It comes with 2 inflatable balls and 1 inflatable bat. The balls ride on top of the spinning part and the kids can run into the water and try and knock the balls off while taking a swing! Graham loved it!

Grady took a while to get used to all the spraying water and hung out near the edges of where the water would just barely touch him.

Crash loved it too! He goes berserk when he sees any kind of water. He played in the water more than the boys did!

Here is my sweet hubby humoring me during my picture taking frenzy. He had just sat down with his adult beverage after sweating in the sun for half an hour trying to get the boys all set up. He's just like Graham. Just smile for the Momma so she will hurry up and go away. Bobby is smart too.

I hope that everyone's weekend is going great!


New Year Mum said...

Looks like lots of fun... we grew up with those sorts of things, but unfortunately we have such strict water restrictions here in OZ that our kids will never get to experience the same fun things :( Great to share my journey with you when I go private. Love always xoxo

The Anglin Family said...

Looks like fun!! It's hot and muggy here but I know how hot it gets in your neck of the woods!! And yay to the yay I can comment on your blog again!!!

Recipe for a baby said...

Nothing better that running under the sprinkler on a hot day, we use to do that all the time as kids!!!

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