Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I am joining up once again with Jaime to do What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I love this time to get to share all the complete randomness of what I'm loving this week (or in most cases what I'm always in love with but thinking about right now!).

{1} The visit I just had with my Momma!

This is the second that my Momma hopped in the car at the airport. She was pretty excited to see us and we were pretty excited to see her too!

This is Graham waiting in the car with me at the airport. I had just told him who we were there to get. I had kept it all a big surprise!

Mimi and her boys the day that she left :(. My Momma looks pretty tired here. I wonder what 2 boys did that to her? :)
It was unbelievably fun having here here! We got to share the news finally with her that we are expecting Baby Boy #3. She was really excited for us! We ate a TON of food and had some really great talks. I love her soo much and can't wait to see her again!

{2} My PIO shots and my SIL Melanie!

This little bundle of fun was delivered to my rear end by this lovely and brave girl...

She will make the best nurse one day! I swear if I had to give a shot to someone I have nooo idea how I'd be able to keep my hands steady enough to poke someone. After coming to the doctor with me and watching the nurse do it ONLY ONCE the week before, she did it perfectly! It felt the exact same as when the nurse had done it and didn't hurt the least little bit! I'm soo thankful for this girl!!

I'm so glad that I have the option of taking these shots to give me an extra little "shot" at keeping this baby happy, healthy, and exactly where he's supposed to stay until I'm full term.

{3} these little feet!

I couldn't sleep last night (surprise surprise) and the only thing that I can think to do at times like these is spend a little quality time with God! I pray usually pray for friends, family and this baby. Sometimes I pray boldly when I get nervous about the baby and I ask Him to make the baby move so that maybe I can go back to sleep. It was during these prayers last night that I felt the best little kicks yet to date! I was soo thankful to Him for granting this small boon to me! I say this daily (and will continue to) but, GOD IS GOOD!

{4} and now a funny "love" after more serious topics... this movie!

When my Momma was here she suggested that Bobby and I go the movies one evening. For some reason there just wasn't a whole lot out there that we wanted to see. Both of us settled for this movie, but it actually ended up being really good. It had some super funny parts and great action scenes. None of it was as cheesy as I thought that it might be.

Plus it had these guys in it.... :) They're not too rough on the eyes... :)

The Rock

Vin Diesel and The Rock

Vin Diesel

Bobby pretty much laughed at me the whole movie!

I hope that everyone has had a great week so far! What are you loving today?


Tiff said...

Love the feet! :)

Tristan said...

so glad you got to visit with your momma!!! way am i liking those fast and furious movies..ugh..ew. hahaha

Kit said...

You are loving some great things today!

ccc said...

Just curious--I thought progesterone was only taken in the first trimester. I really want to know why some people take it in the second trimester.That's what you are doing, right? I am trying to gather as much facts as possible now to try to make my next pregnancy successful--so please enlighten me!thanks

Melanie Mueller said...

So glad you got that quality time with your Momma!
I am also glad I get to be one of the first "nurses" in my nephew's care. =) I am so relieved that I didn't hurt your hiney!
I am super thankful for those super sweet baby feet and for you!!!!

Natalie and Lee said...

Sweet baby feet!:) Loving your blog!

Joeylee said...

love the baby feet, so precious!

Greer's Gossip said...

Cute baby feet!! Visits with momma are always the best!

Marcie said...

Glad that somebody loves those PIO shots! ha ha

New Year Mum said...

Love your list.... especially those gorgeous little feet :)) Looking forward to seeing the real-thing soon :)) xoxo

Shannon said...

Congrats on a third boy! Now that I have Westin I think I would be so happy to have all boys! :)

We are going to a gender reveal party Friday and I'm so excited! They are so fun!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Isn't great when family comes into town?! I love it! I bet your mom and kiddos had a great time!! Love the cute baby feetsies :)

Cait said...

haha love this girl and sooo fun when family comes into town its always a blast!! great blog :) can't wait to read more!

Amy said...

What were the shots for?

I've heard other people say the Fast Five was a good movie-- you twisted my arm, guess I will be forced to go see it... :hehehe

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