Thursday, January 13, 2011

Auto Correct..

So I got this email this morning. I almost never forward anything on. I think that most things that I get are just plain stupid and I just don't want to be guilted into anything that says "You must not love Jesus if you don't forward this to 4 thousand friends". Most people have pretty much figured out by now to not send me anything unless it is some kind of actual note. But, this morning I got one. And I peed my pants laughing. I'm sure half of yall have already read this but I couldn't help not passing this on to as many people as I could if for no other reason than maybe it will make them pee their pants too!

Here goes.

Hope that these made everyone laugh today!




Melanie Mueller said...

Oh my GOSH! Those are hilarious! I have tears running down my face. My stupid phone does that all the time. Thank goodness never that bad....yet. =)

Amy said...

Why would they think that snack was really anal??? LMAO!!!

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