Saturday, January 22, 2011

Housework Saturday!

What a day we have have so far! My super-sweet hubby helped me out with our wild bunch so I could quietly take a shower and get ready for the day. I know that this totally doesn't sound like much, but to me its a big deal! Rarely am I ever able to get ready without like 400 interruptions. Then I was able to run a few errands BY MYSELF!

Here I am all cheesy and excited because I'm all alone in my car! Funnily enough I was a little worried if the neighbors saw me taking my own picture but then I saw a crazy one on a morning walk with her camera taking pictures of one of our bushes?! (It totally was not even an exciting plant... so weird)

 I was able to run to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to exchange an un-needed item and in exchange I picked this little beauty up...

It was almost an even exchange :). I just fell in love with it the minute that I saw it! I got it to go in what would have been Caroline's bathroom, which is just off the spare bedroom we now have. In speaking of this small full bath, that was another thing that Bobby and I started to tackle this weekend. I won't show you all of what we've been up to in there. I'll just show you the horror of what we are dealing with as far as trying to erase all traces of 1985 from in there! HA!

This is the yicky before picture. Can you see the pink and blue plaid wallpaper and the mirrored shower doors! Yummy!

This I thought was the biggest change. Taking down those horrible doors that closed off the shower area! Bless the little old mans heart that lived here before us. Can you see the shower caddy hanging in the shower? Can you see it not hanging off the shower head area? He drilled screws through the tile and hung it beside the spout area. Heaven help me as we find all his "personal" touches and try and correct them.

The tools of my trade!

I can't wait to show the final result. I'm starting to really be proud of the "manly" work that I can do myself around the house now! Hopefully it will be done in just a couple of days and I can post the final results!

On a random side note, I have added a new button on the right hand side, last one down. This new button will direct you to a super sweet blogger named Ashley who is in the process of international adoption and needs our help! If you could take a second and check her out it would be awesome.

Hope you're having a great weekend!




Jill said...

aw looky at all that green in your picture of you!! I miss nature and green! been snowed in for over a month now. now we're in a deep freeze! Chicago and it's winter weather at it's best.

I like the shower curtain :)

Amy said...

You copied my brown and blue bathroom motif!! I should sue you!! Lol.. I like that one...

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