Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun With Boxes

This year my husband has decided to start the Nutrisystem Diet (which is a whole 'nother post) and our house has been flooded with boxes galore!

Both the boys are acting like its Christmas morning all over again. I swear that next year I am seriously only getting them boxes.

Most of the joy today was had by Grady. Poor Graham only got to suffer through 2nd grade and got some really used and beat up boxes to play with. But, play with them he did.

Please pardon the nakedness.
Grady this morning was in pure bliss! He crawled in them and then out, beat on them like drums, sat in them like houses, and fished out of them like boats. When all that was done he attacked them with his crayons!

I totally took 40 pictures to get just this one where he would even look at me!

Can you see where he colored on his face this morning? You should also see my shirt and my arm from when I attempted to wrestle the marker away. Please pray for me that it washes out. :)

And don't you also love his crazy hair and my dirty floor from this angle? I do. I love them both.
I really am so glad that just a couple of silly boxes totally made our day today!



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