Saturday, January 1, 2011

How We Started Out the New Year

Today we wanted to start out 2011 with some plain 'ole fun! Graham, Grady and I decided to head outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Graham heads back to 2nd grade on Monday so we are trying to squeeze in all the last fun days of Christmas vacation that we have left! So we ...

Grady has finally learned how to jump on the trampoline. (or jumpoline as both he and his brother call it). He was soo frightened for so long and would only lay on it will other people jumped! Soo cute!

Graham's Opi (grandfather) brought this super fun digger toy over the other afternoon. The boys have both been obsessed with it! Don't you love Texas weather... green grass and playing in a T-shirt in the middle of winter. Ha!!

Graham and I went to go see The Chronicle of Narnia. This was a great movie. I've been trying to explain to Graham the correlation of this story and how it parallels the story of Jesus Christ. Its still a little hard for him to grasp just yet. As he gets older though we can re-watch all the movies over again with him and explain more. By the end of this movie I was just about in tears with how beautiful it was!

The last couple of picture are of Graham and I just being silly. I was TOTALLY the crazy mom in the movie theater taking pictures of her kid. Graham didn't seem to mind at all if you couldn't already tell from that great smile! The last one makes me laugh. Graham took the picture of us all by himself! Not bad at all. I love my oldest son so much. He truly is one of the funnest people to hang out. I hope that our special mother/son relationship like this can continue for many years to come!

Later this evening (and when I had completely forgotten to pack my camera) we headed over to my in-laws house for some yummy New Years Day dinner. They let all the kids run with sparklers and shoot roman candles off into the back yard. The kids were all wild with excitement. We then caravaned over to a close-by neighborhood that had this one great house where the lights are set to music. It was such a beautiful way to cap off the holiday season for us.

I can not wait for tomorrow when it will be nothing for us but a little church, a little nap, and a whole lot of packing up Christmas decorations!



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