Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year New Look!

Ok, ok. So technically we are a little past the beginning of 2011to be introducing my new blog look but close enough. So what do you think about the little update? After blogging for a couple of days as a newbie and settling for what I could do to make my blog look cute I turned to my husband (the computer wiz) for help. He did what he could for me and that lasted a good month before I realized that dang-it! I needed even better! So I turned to a fellow blogger that I've been reading for-evah. Leslie over at Lamberts Lately does just the cutest blog makeovers. If you are needing an update you should totally check her out! Her prices are great and she does amazingly quick work. She also re-did my sister-in-law's Melanie's blog. It is so super cute also that I almost wished that I had picked the package that she did!

My family and I has had such a great weekend! I'll update a little bit more later when I have more time but it includes a baptism, a family photo shoot, and a crazy surprise! Here is a small preview from a plaque on a bench we saw this weekend that completely sums up our life right now and a quick look at where we took the neatest pictures!

This is just a small portion of the San Antonio Botanical Garden where we took a lot of family pictures. I can not wait to get them back from the photographer so I can share!

My husband noticed this little tiny plaque before I did and knowing how the word HOPE has meaning to me he had me take a picture! Love you Bobby for catching this for me!

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Amy said...

Love the new design... loooks terrif! Its very "spring" (to me which equal hope!) :)
Have a great day... I've been thinkging about starting my own blog but I'm not sure I really have anything to write about. :)

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