Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grady's New Buddy

Today we have a new friend come over to our house to play! His name is Jaxon and I'll be watching him a couple of days a week for his mom. I am super excited about this opportunity. It allows me to earn a little bit of extra income for my family and Grady has a great new friend. They are both 2 years old and its just too much fun to watch how they interact with each other!

Oh my gosh, it was soo hard to ever get them to both look at me! They had the greatest time. For Jaxon he was excited because all of Grady's toys were new to him. I think Grady had a new appreciation for his toys when he had to share them.

Doesn't Jaxon have the cutest face??

They boys both played together for a while and then apart once we got outside in this awesome Texas winter! I can not wait for Jaxon to teach Grady all his tricks (did I tell you that at barely 2 Jaxon is POTTY TRAINED). He has the sweetest personality and great manners which is so hard for little ones! I am so excited for his morning addition to our household!



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