Friday, January 14, 2011

Dinner Out With Great Friends!

Last night I was able to go out and meet some great old friends for dinner. And by old friends, I mean really really old friends. Not as in age old but as in omg that seems like a lifetime ago old. Like as in we still giggle because "Ohmygosh we used to be suite mates our freshman year in college"old!

I am 34 years old now and back then we were all 18 (holycrapimold) so many years was that ago? I can not hardly remember even being that age. We were all so young and little to no responsibilities. All we really had to worry about was maybe about making it to class on time. Alas, we are all older with jobs and husbands and babies and laundry and....

But, these girls, they make me feel young again. Even if its only for just a couple of hours!

I love you Deborah and Kim!

Kimberly and Deborah

Deborah and myself
 Deborah is the one that introduced to my husband! I owe this girl soo much. I hate to think that if she hadn't made the decision 11years that he and I would be perfect for each other I would not have the awesome life that I have now with the man of my dreams!

And of course, food lover that I am, I had to take picture of some of the yummiest food that I have had in a while! We ate at a little bar called Mozie's and had the best bar food that was kicked up a notch.

The best homemade chips!

This was the burger that I ordered that literally came on its own plate. Can you see how it took up most of a jumbo plate!? Will you be terribly surprised when I tell you that I ate ALL of it!!
 I feel truly blessed to have such amazing friends to share the evening with. I love that these girls are a part of my past, MY PRESENT, and in my future!



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