Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Friday!

I just love the Friday's like our family has had today! It was so relaxing with not too much going on. Bobby was able to sneak out of work early today and be home just in time to surprise Graham and get him off the school bus. You should have seen the brightness of his smile when he saw his Daddy home early from work. This really is a rare treat for us and we cherish every second that he's here with us. Usually he isn't able to home from work until 6:30 and that's just soo close to when the boys are going to bed. It hurts my heart when I can tell that they haven't gotten their "Daddy Fix". I feel the same way too =).

Can you see how green the grass and plants are behind them? You have to love Texas in the winter!

While Grady was napping Graham and Bobby changed clothes and did a little work outside together! Can you see the joy of my sweet Graham's face to be hanging out with his Daddy so early in the day?! They managed to get all the straggling Christmas odds and ends put up for me. When that was done Bobby went to check on our fruit trees that we have on our property. Guess what he found RIPE and just waiting to be picked!!

Are these not some of the most beautiful lemons you have seen?! It was 29 degrees here this morning. How the heck does fruit even ripen in weather like this??

I told Bobby that I wanted to make some Winter-time lemonade for us this weekend with them. In the meantime though they sure do spruce up my kitchen table! I love them with my Rooster and Chicken!

Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend spent with their loved ones!!




Melanie Mueller said...

Oh your table looks great! Love the placemats and those lemons are so pretty they look fake. Save one for your sis-in-law? =)

Amy said...

You did a fabulous job on the table.. love the yard birds!
I think you missed your calling-- you should have done decorating/interior design instead of that stupid history degree... I feel like I've said this before (but maybe in my head).
Do you do tile work by any chance?? lol

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