Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Jail

Lately our youngest son, Grady, has been having some issues. In his defense he is only 2 years old and there is totally a reason the phrase "terrible twos" is soo common. Its, well, because two year olds are just BAD BAD BAD!

In the more recent weeks he has been hitting and pushing his brother, younger friends, and me.One day after swatting his backside I noticed a confused look on his face and I realized that how I was disciplining him just didn't make sense to him. Once I thought about it, it didn't make sense to me either!

Here I was swatting him and then telling him "no, we don't hit". After thinking for a little bit I decided to go with the "time out" method. I have tried this one before, but the problem is that he won't stay put for the time out. I find it pointless to physically hold down little ones who may not even understand whats going on yet.

But, I did figure out a plan that Grady could understand....

I like to call it "Baby Jail".

It's just one small area of our hallway that goes off to our laundry room, half bath, and master bedroom. Once he realized that he could see the rest of us having a good time with out him the water works started! But you know what else? That was the only time he pushed someone! I'm curious to see how this will pan out in the long run.

Just for fun I wanted to share some of the other fun stuff he's been up to so far this week. 

See the blue crayon on both the floor and the wall. AND.ITS.ONLY.MONDAY. Dear Lord, help this mother out!

And so that this isn't totally a depressing post I leave you with a cute picture of how he started out this morning. He quite literally hit the ground running!



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