Saturday, January 15, 2011

Diet Has the Word Die in it for a Reason

Bobby weighed himself this morning (Sunday) and weighed 261! Is that not totally unbelievable?? Go Baby Go!

So my wonderful husband Bobby has started his Nutrisystem diet. I am so proud of him for this. As a woman I think about what I eat almost all day long. That is not to say that I actually watch what I eat and do a good job of it, but I think about it A LOT. I am pretty sure that being a man, my husband NEVER thinks about it. What ever sounds good at the moment gets eaten. This is not a dig at him, just a reality and one that I am completely guilty of (and many others) too. I know how hard that it has been for him so far and I can't wait to watch him achieve his goal!

Over the past couple of years both of our weights have gradually crept up on us. As a wonderful Christmas gift, my husband's mother gave him the gift of Nurtisystem. Honestly, its one of the best gifts that he has ever gotten because it has motivated me as well. I have been trying to eat a salad or other fresh veggies along with a Lean Cuisine or something like it when he's eating his meals. And so far he has lost a ton of weight in just one week! I bet by now that its close to 10 pounds!

Bobby has given me permission to document his success! So, I am super excited to share his before pictures along with the weight that corresponds with it.

Bless his giant sized heart and his goofy grin in this picture!
This is the very first picture that we took last Sunday. His starting weight was 272.

And here he is again from the side. And can I also say WOW, I really need to finish updating my bedroom! Sorry, I just notice how yick it looks in these pictures!

Here are the pictures that I took of Bobby tonight. He laughed at me because I made him change his shirt so we could really compare from week to week. He won't weigh himself again until tomorrow morning but on Wednesday he was already 265!

Isn't this side view just amazing when you compare it to the previous side view above?? Ohmygawd if only I could drop weight as quick as he does!

I'm planning on updating his progress from week to week to inspire him and myself as well!




Melanie Mueller said...

Wow- I can tell a huge difference already! It is just crazy to me how stinkin' fast men can loose weight. But GO Bobby!!!

Amy said...

DAmn our female genes that don't let us lose weight as quickly!! Lets do it together Hill!!

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