Monday, January 3, 2011

My Undying Love for Hobby Lobby...

This past weekend my husband and I took down all of our Christmas decorations from our house. Ok, inside only...still working on the outside part :). All the same things went back up and into the exact same places but I was left still feeling glum. The house seemed soo empty and boring! What is a girl supposed to do?? The only answer that I could come up with was of course, GO TO HOBBY LOBBY!

I'm not sure that I even have words to describe how much I love this store. Since moving I've had rooms to fill, nooks and crannies to decorate, and wallpaper from 1986 to paint over! Hobby Lobby has come through for me in so many ways! Now if only they sold paint...

So off Grady and I went this morning. Thank goodness I had gotten a gift card for Christmas! So the first thing I got was a big wrought iron piece to go over my fireplace. Forever I have been wanting a really great framed family picture to go there. With the absence of our sweet Caroline I just haven't been able to make the call to book the photographer. Just seeing only our 4 faces in the picture feels like it will rip my heart out. Maybe next year I'll feel stronger or just different about things and we'll get one done.

Our temporary mantle decoration!

This is the complete mantle/fireplace. Pretty much everything that you see is from Hobby Lobby.  Its just ridiculously easy to find everything that I like.

I bought the Fleur De lis candles this morning. I had already purchased the tortoise shell candle sticks on a previous trip to Hobby Lobby (surprise surprise :)

I found this super cute key holder while we were there. We have totally been using the one that "came with the house". It's ghetto gold and says "KEYS!" I totally should have taken a picture of it too so you could laugh with me!

When I saw this box I just knew it had to be mine. When ever I see the word "HOPE" I immediately think of Caroline. I think that I would like to put all the cards and letters we received after her passing and keep them together in here.

I just really liked these 3 picture frames. I have been needing new ones and these will really work with where our living room is at right now and the big changes we have in store for it in the future! I can't wait for February to get here so I can use the LOVE one. Too cute!

So this is how I spent my day! I find a little retail therapy (especially when I'm shopping for my house) really takes my mind off things for a while. Sometimes I lament the fact that we are usually on a pretty tight spending budget when it comes to any remodeling/updating. Now that I think about it, maybe it is all for the best that Bobby and I take our sweet time working on the house. Its extremely therapeutic and we get to spend our time together side by side. 




Amy said...

you're doing a great job on the house! Keep up the good work!
I think you missed your calling when you go the history degree-- should have done fashion and decorating! :)

Amy said...

Ohh-- I have a metal piece in my house (on a wall cuz I don't have a mantle) like the one you have. Also came from HL!!!

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