Monday, January 24, 2011

Baptism Weekend

This weekend Bobby and I loaded up the boys and got the chance to visit a new church this weekend. We are Methodist by faith and the church that we were able to attend was a Methodist one as well but so different and so fun! It was lay Sunday and so the sermon was delivered by the lay leader of the church. She was wonderful and delivered the most special message about finding the gifts inside yourself that God gave you and then using them and sharing them to help others! It really gave me food for thought that I plan on giving some serious consideration on over the coming weeks. Aside from enjoying the message, the main reason we attended was to celebrate the baptism of a very special little boy!

The ministers were so awesome. After they got done with the baptismal portion they allowed Clay to put his little hands into the water and play for a second. Talk about heart melting!!

Yes! I was the crazy person taking pictures in the middle of church (in my defense I totally checked and saw that baby Clay's grandmother was also taking pictures so I HAD to take some myself =)).

Baby Clay is one of the sweetest babies I have ever met. I talk to his mother, Deborah, almost every morning and I can always hear him talking and playing so sweetly in the background! Bobby, myself, and the boys were so proud that we were able to share such a special day with this awesome family!

Love you baby Clay!


Melanie Mueller said...

Awwww...Clay looked so sweet! Glad his baptism went well and you guys had a good visit.

Amy said...

I'm pretty sure on special occasions such as this, its acceptable to take pictures. When my cousin's son was baptized, we took pics during and after and I don't consider myself at all crazy! :) Have a good day!

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