Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mini Bathroom Mini Makeover!

So I got industrious yesterday and I started yet another house project. For a while now my husband and I have been working on our small downstairs half bath.

Months ago, we replaced the towel rings, towel bar, and faucet. Then a few weeks later we painted over the wallpaper that was in there. zmog... I wish I had a picture of that hot mess (think pink watercolor swirl - gag)! A month after that we pulled the old mirror off and replaced it with new one. I swear, this project has been dragging on FOREVER. And.I.Am.Sick.Of.It.

The last thing that we had to do to complete the bathroom was re-paint the cabinetry. We would love to replace it completely but that's a project

 many years from now with a much larger budget! So here it is after I had lightly sanded it. (I forgot to take a before picture :)

Here it is with 2 layers of primer on it.

Yeah! Its the finished product!
 This small bathroom was my practice run before I tackle the kitchen. I'm just soo nervous to paint an entire kitchen! The cabinets and the walls need to be done! (if in doubt please refer to my blog post from when I refinished my kitchen table). I think I'll move onto the laundry next for a little extra practice.

So yeah! As long as my house needs work, there will never be a shortage of blog post around here!



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