Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've been pretty remiss in not introducing a small, furry, member of the family.

Meet Crash, the dachshund!

And this is pretty much where he spends the better part of his time (when hes not following one of us around endlessly from room to room...) oh yeah, and can I tell you how glad I am that this is my husbands pillow??
He is not actually 100% true blue dachshund. The last time we took him to the vet he was pronounced to have "ears that were too short". One day if I ever have the, you know, spare $100 I want one of those doggie DNA test to see what he's a mix of.

We have had Crash for about 6 years now. My husband found him outside the Millwork he was working at the time and decided to bring him home. He was soo little and cute that day. A good friend of ours who was a vet came over to the house that night to check him out and get him his first set of vaccines. She said that he appeared to be maybe 4-6 months old and in pretty good shape for a dog that had no collar. When we asked Graham (who at the time was only 2) what we should name our new pet he said "Crash" and obviously that name stuck!

This is Crash's other favorite place. His bed! He keeps it stocked with his "babies" and he cuddles with them at night.

He really has been a very good little dog over the years. He barks at any animal or person that dares to enter our yard area and I've been pretty thankful for that trait over the years. I know not to worry at night if he's not worried.

And this would be his 3rd favorite place, looking out the back door making sure no cats, squirrels, or home invaders come near!

Bobby and I are so blessed to have this sweet little brown soul in ours and our children's lives. He provides security when its dark, comfort for when we are sad, and joy just because he's here!

We love you buddy!



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