Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mueller Munchin'

I was beyond excited tonight when my husband called from work this afternoon and said that he needed to make a sales call to a local restaurant. Bobby works in lighting sales and one of his customers is a wonderful seafood place call Sea Island. They seriously have some of the yummiest food that I have ever eaten (and believe me, I have eaten a lot).

The only downside to our little outing tonight was the fact that both myself and my husband are both on diets. We really should not be eating out period but whatever.

My sweet boys were so good. Graham did awesome and studied for his sight words test that is tomorrow and Grady helped out trying to sweeten everyones drinks!

Do you not just love my crazy rat-trap hair?? The weather here has just been horrid!

My hubby did awesome on his diet and ordered the caesar salad with shrimp. To make the evening more wonderful the gentleman that is my husbands customer brought us Key Lime Pie dessert to the table on the house!

This was just a wonderful way to end the day with my men and with some food!



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