Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What the Boys (and I) Have Been Doing Lately

Warning: Picture overload post!!

Oh my goodness! How busy our little lives have been lately! I swear most of our time is spent cruising along at only 30 mph (which is fine by me) and then suddenly one day God hits the accelerator (which is also fine by me as he really is in control). We have had such a busy past couple of days that I've had trouble blogging about it all!

First things first. Saturday morning we woke up and stared getting ready to go to my nephew Colton's 8th Birthday Party. My sister-in-law Melanie plans the best parties ever. Colton's Party was from 10:30-12:30. How awesome is that? Fun for the kids all morning long and then great naps later in the afternoon! He had it at one of those super fun Laser game places. There was also a large arcade for the kids for in between games.

Grady just loved how this lit up under his feet!

I think that this was one of the very few pictures I got of Graham standing still! He was having such a good time running around with his cousins and friends!

This is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of the entire party. Its the birthday boy Colton taking a lick of his own cake when he thought no one was looking! Too stinkin' cute!

Grady and Graham taking a break and digging into some cake!

Sweet nephew Carter

Notice that the icing on his face matches his shirt! I die!

Graham and his best buddy and cousin Colton.

After the party we all took the best naps ever! And since I am combining like 40 post into one I'll show you also what Bobby and I watched this weekend. The first one that we watched was...
True Blood: Season 1

We only got a chance to watch the first two episodes but I can tell that we are going to be sooo hooked! The next movie we watched and tried to not fall asleep in was...

Get Him to the Greek

We liked the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" so much that we were pretty sad that even though this was a take-off from it, it was pretty bad and not terribly funny. Oh well, better luck next week.

Sunday was a wonderful laid back day. We got up early and headed to the 8 am service with the boys. Crazy right? We tried for quite a while to go to the 11 am service but our kids were MONSTERS at that time. We realized that as painful as it was for us to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday, our kids acted sooo much better. So its the 8 am service for us from now on!

After we got home and played and ate some lunch Bobby helped me get the kids down for a nap. With that successfully done I was able to escape from my house for a little bit and do some retail therapy with my SIL Melanie. We shopped at some great places and I found new place mats for our kitchen table. What do you think?
They ended up looking awesome on my black table . I can not say how much I love love love the combo of red yellow and black together! After we shopped we stopped and got some yummy Starbucks!

Disclaimer: I did not eat both of these, just the one on the right (although I totally could have!!)

Monday, being MLK day, Graham didn't have school. What is a mom to do on such a day? Why head to the greatest jumpy place ever! A new place opened up in New Braunfels and my SIL and I took our kids to jump off a little energy. This place was awesome! Small enough that you could easily keep an eye on your kids but big enough that they still had tons of stuff to play on.

The three cousins (Graham, Colton, and Cooper). You can just barely see the back of Grady's little head at the bottom.:)

Here Colton is showing me how high he could jump. This child has no fear and has a future stunt man position waiting for him!

Graham being silly and getting chomped by a shark.

The one time I could even get Grady to look at me he had to smile like this. I adore my goofy little man.

Overall we have had a blessed and amazing last couple of days. Lots more fun stuff to come!!



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