Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something Lighter

Lately I just been down in the dumpies (like you probably haven't noticed... HA!) I'm trying to slowly pull myself back out of the hole that I sometimes feel like I dig for myself and then put myself into. I'm going to make the conscious choice to focus on what I DO have instead of what I DON'T have. That's not to say that I still won't think about baby Caroline every day, but that I will focus more of my time and energy on Graham, Grady, and Bobby. It's too late for me to do anything for Caroline, but there are soo many wonderful ways to spend my time and my life celebrating with my boys! So starting today I'm putting my best foot forward so to speak.

I love all my boys soo much! 


Amy said...

Are these the pics from Botanical Gardens? They look great!
I've been very sad these past few days and I, too, need to focus on what I have and who I have...
PS- Nick would love your watch!

Melanie Mueller said...

Cute pictures! You sure do have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for you my sister in law and friend! AND the fact that you chat with me on the phone pretty much everyday...sometimes more than once. =)

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