Saturday, January 29, 2011

Early Nutrisystem

I know that I've been trying to do Bobby's Nutrisystem updates on Sundays (the morning he weighs), but I'd like to bump it up to tonight as tomorrow will be a crazy busy day for all of us!

I could not be more proud of my awesome husband. He has been sucking it up for almost a month now trying to diet while the rest of us around him eat regularly. A couple of times while eating out he has had to make some really hard choices. He ordered the healthiest things on the menu and then still managed to leave some left on his plate in order to control his portions sizes. I know for me, that is the hardest thing that I certainly struggle with. I sometimes just can't bare to leave things un-eaten. Especially when they are tasty! Crazy right?

Just today, he took off for the deer lease with his father and his one day soon  BIL. He packed his own snacks and lunch! They usually stop to eat something really yummy and terribly bad for you on the way back (you know how food and tradition go hand in hand...) but he resisted and ordered the grilled chicken salad. GO BABY GO!

Here is this weeks pictures.

I am so thankful to my husband for every day that goes by that he stays on his diet! By doing this for me and our little family he is adding time to our lives that we get to spend together when we are old and grey! I tell my husband daily how much I love him for taking on this monumental task!

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