Sunday, January 2, 2011

What We're Watching this Weekend!

This weekend Bobby and I spent our evenings watching 3 different Netflix movies. Rather, he watched 2 out of the 3  and I watched the 3rd by myself. Can you guess which one? :) haha...

The first one we watched on New Years Eve together was...

Sherlock Holmes

We had already seen this together in the theater but we had both really liked it and wanted to see it again. (And come on, who doesn't just love love love them some Jude Law??) This movie didn't disappoint a second time. It also re-confirmed how much I like Rachel McAdams also!

The movie that I watched this afternoon while Bobby changed out a ceiling fan (love you babe!) and the boys napped was...

The Scarlet Letter

I wasn't quite sure what I thought of this movie. I really liked the love story but there were several times that  I just ended up fast forwarding to get to the end faster. The reviews that Netflix posted for it were all pretty bad. Usually I'm not one to judge movies by what others say. Which is why I also rented this one...

The Wolfman

How quickly can I say the word "mistake" cause that's pretty much what this was. About 4 seconds into watching this I actually started folding laundry so I wouldn't have to watch the rest. Yuck. If I have bad dreams tonight then I'm never allowing myself to rent anything over the rating of PG.

I think that I'm going to have to start spending more time evaluating whats in my Netflix queue and picking better movies. Thank God I'll be getting more on Tuesday! :)



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crashin_2 said...

ok so I really like your blog you are doing a great job, now call me back so we can talk about this new years resolution thing. I think you should make a monthly goal instead of a yearly goal it is more managable.

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