Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Trip to the Texas Med Clinic

alternately titled "Why I Didn't Post Yesterday"

I have secretly (and now not so secretly) been trying to keep a commitment to myself to blog every single day this year. Then last night happened. Graham has been fighting either really bad allergies or a small cold. Which one totally does not matter 'cause either way he was not feeling very good.

We had started our Friday off by picking him up early from school around 11:30. He was sniffling a little and wheezing and coughing A LOT. I had him lay down most of the afternoon before leaving to go to my sister - in - laws house to watch the Cotton Bowl.

Can you tell who we were rooting for?
By half time that night around 9 ish he really wasn't feeling good and starting to struggle to breathe. My son does have an inhaler (thank you God) but really only uses it maybe twice a year. I can not even begin to tell you how thankful I was that my scatter brain self remembered to pack it just in case.
My MIL literally had to pull over while still in the drive way for him to use it. He scared me soo bad. He started having a panic attack, doubled over and saying he couldn't breathe at all. We got him more comfortable and to the Texas Med Clinic before they closed.

The doctor checked him out and pronounced him to have an ear infection and probable strep throat. We were able to walk out with a prescription for an antibiotic and one for a steroid to help his asthma til he starts to get over whatever it is that he has. YUCK!

We were all so exhausted by the time that we made it home around 11ish. We slept in late and plan on having a very lazy day. And just 'cause its funny, I leave you with a picture of my SIL's dog Maverick who if you scratch in the right place totally will do an Elvis impersonation. And can you say "overbite"?

Aren't you cracking up at his super-cute aggie jersey too? :)


(and just because I'm crazy like that, I'm gonna try and post again this evening to make up for yesterday!)

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